What are some easy methods to relieve back pain?

What are some easy methods to relieve back pain?

My boyfriend works from 11PM – 7AM. He complains of back pain and we’ve been putting Biofreeze on it and it seems to be helping for the rest of the day. Then when he comes home he says his back hurts again. He says he has a job where he does nothing but stand so it makes his back hurt and we aren’t able to make a chiropractor appointment. Are there any other methods to relieve his back pain but for a longer amount of time?
Its not a chronic pain but it does annoy him.

I have a shooting like pain down one side of my lower back which runs down towards my buttocks.
I am unable to bend due to this pain. And when i do, its really painful.
Does it sound like sciatica? Or just normal back pain?

I had on period that was 3 weeks late. Then my next two were a couple days early. In between my last period and this one (around the middle of my cycle) I had two different days, about a week apart from each other that I had bad cramping and back pain. No bleeding. Then my period came 3 days late. I have never been regular, but this pain in between is not normal for me. What could be causing this? I’m not pregnant.

I am tired of going to doctor for my back pain, and having them just keep refering me to specialist. I need pain relief. Not back surgery! I have some old injury, but the biggest problem is probably a pinched nerve or something that is causing unreal pain.

Hi everyone.
I was just wondering if anyone could give me advice on how to reduce foot pain, leg pain, and back pain while on the job at work.

I want to know if there is any foods, minerals, and what not that might be able to help me reduce the pain.